4 Ways To Naturally Fight Acid Reflux

Acid reflux can impact people of all ages. Symptoms, such as heartburn and vomiting, can make it difficult to get through the day. Fortunately, there are ways you can control the symptoms without resorting to the use of medications. 

Consume the Right Beverages and Foods 

What you eat plays a major role in whether or not you experience acid reflux symptoms. A diet rich in citrus fruits, chocolate, caffeinated drinks, and spicy foods can trigger a reaction. If possible, avoid eating these foods. 

You also need to include more foods and beverages in your diet that work to fight against the symptoms of acid reflux. For instance, alkaline water with a high pH level can kill pepsin. Pepsin is the enzyme that is responsible for breaking down the food as you eat and is believed to be connected to acid reflux symptoms. (For more information, contact companies like ALKALINE PLANET.)

Other foods that help keep acid reflux at bay include oatmeal, ginger, and salad. If you do eat salad, skip the acids, such as tomatoes. 

Eat at the Right Time

Timing is everything when it comes to dealing with acid reflux. If you eat close to bedtime, your stomach is still full. As food is processed, more acid is produced, which means more symptoms for you. 

To increase the chances that you will not experience acid reflux, try eating a few hours before bedtime. By waiting, your stomach has time to empty and there is less acid to cause trouble. 

Become More Physical

When you are overweight, the acids in your stomach are pushed up into the esophagus. The excess fat in your abdomen tends to push against the stomach, which leads to heartburn and other symptoms. 

By getting more physical, you can lose some of the weight and lower the chances of experiencing acid reflux. Be sure to combine it with a healthy diet. 

Change Your Sleeping Arrangement

When you lie flat in your bed or your head is not elevated enough, it is easier for acids to be pushed into your esophagus. Making slight changes to how you sleep can help you avoid this issue. 

Adding blocks under the head of your bed can make a difference. The blocks cause elevation without making it uncomfortable for you. 

Consult with your primary care physician for other ways you can lessen the symptoms you are experiencing. There are many other natural remedies that might be effective for you.