Common Questions New Business Owners Have About Drug Testing Services

A standard part of the screening process before hiring an employee is to have them submit to a drug and alcohol test. While this is a task that will need to be done, there are many new business owners that are not familiar with this type of testing. For these individuals, it may be necessary to have a couple of questions answered before they are able to understand what to expect from these services. Once you learn these two answers for routine questions, you should be able to make more informed choices about these services.

Is The Testing Done On Or Off Site?

When you have a potential employee agree to submit to this testing, you will have a couple of options about where they will need to have this testing done. You might assume that these individuals will always need to go to an offsite testing facility, but this is not always necessary. 

There are many testing providers that will come to your business to conduct these tests onsite. This helps reduce any liability that might result from having these people drive to another location. Also, this can help eliminate the opportunity for prospective hires to attempt to swap their samples or otherwise tamper with their test.

How Is Your Business Charged For Testing Services?

It is an unfortunate fact that these testing services can be somewhat expensive. This should not be surprising given that someone will have to collect the sample and it will need to undergo extensive testing in a laboratory. For most business, the most economical option for paying for these services will be on a per case basis. Under this type of billing structure, you will pay for each test as it is needed. 

However, there are some enterprises that need to regularly test numerous individuals. For example, trucking and medical service companies may need to randomly test some of their workers on a monthly basis as a part of their insurance policies. Luckily, many of the testing centers offer subscription services that can be used to provide your company with a set number of tests for a reduced priced. 

Testing your employees or prospective hires is an important task for many enterprises. For those that are new to owning a business, it is important to note that there are some testing providers that offer onsite services as well as subscription services that can reduce your expenses on these tests. Having this knowledge will help your business to get the most from these testing services. 

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