How Massage Therapy Can Help Your Child With Autism

Massage therapy isn't just for adults who want to relax. More and more people are seeking out massage therapy to help with a variety of ailments and disorders. Children with autism can use this type of therapy as part of a well-rounded approach to growth and development. Here are just a few ways massage can help your child.

Positive Sensory Stimulation

While children with autism do have issues with sensory overload, each child responds to sensory stimulation differently. Some children respond well to deep pressure from weighted blankets and vests. For these children, a deep pressure massage is the perfect way to provide a calming experience. This type of tissue can reduce stress and anxiety, allowing your child to focus and relax. Be sure to talk to your massage therapist about reducing lights, sounds and smells in the massage room that might result in sensory overload.

Therapy Training For Parents

Massage therapists with experience helping children with autism can show you techniques to use at home. The therapist can create a massage plan you can use when your child is beginning to exhibit negative behaviors, so you can work to prevent meltdowns before they happen. These techniques are also ideal for use at home to form a stronger bond between you and your child.

Therapy In A Comfortable Environment

You probably have to travel with your child to speech, occupational and physical therapy appointments. These visits can be stressful, as kids with autism sometimes have difficulty adapting to a change in their environment. Massage therapists can travel to your home, allowing your child to enjoy all the benefits of massage therapy without having to adjust to a new place. Consider scheduling your appointments later in the day to allow your child to decompress from the stress of the school day. Timing the massage just right may even help your child to fall asleep easier at night, which is something that children with autism often struggle with.

Improved Socialization

Socialization is another struggle for many children with autism. Your child can practice socializing with the massage therapist as a way to widen his or her social circle and learn new ways to communicate. Talk to the massage therapist about how you can work in conversation as part of each therapy session. This will allow you to combine sensory therapy with behavioral therapy, so your child can make the most of each appointment.

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