Emergency Medical Supplies Every Family Should Have

If you recently started a family, you are no doubt interested in doing everything you can to protect the health of your loved ones. But sometimes despite your best efforts, accidents can happen and you may find yourself in need of some emergency medical supplies. If the injury is especially dire, you should of course consult your local doctor or hospital.

However, there are also ways that you may be able to treat an injury yourself at home if you've picked up the right medical supplies from your local pharmacy. Here are three key supplies that every household should have:

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a quick and easy disinfectant that can be used to treat an open cut or wound. If your child (or your spouse) comes crying to you with their latest boo boo, take a look and see if it something that you can treat on your own. In most cases, it hopefully will be.

Even the smallest cut should be properly treated and disinfected before any kind of bandage is put on.

Simply dump the hydrogen peroxide directly on the source of the problem and wait for the fizzing to die down. If it's a child you are treating, make sure they understand that this may hurt a little, but that it hurts because the liquid is helping them get better.

Gauze Pads or Wrap

If your loved one suffers more than just a simple cut, medical treatment from a professional may be required. With that said, you may be able to treat even a bad wound if you have the right supplies. Obviously, your standard band aid is not going to get the job done on a larger scrape.

Every household should have a supply of gauze pads or wrap that can be used to completely cover and put pressure on a larger wound. Be sure to disinfect with hydrogen peroxide before applying the gauze. If the wound does not start to close on its own after applying the pad or wrap, get to a doctor immediately.

Instant Hot/Cold Packs

Sometimes an injury occurs that doesn't cause any blood or open skin but still hurts pretty bad. Accidentally hitting your head or banging up your knee are two examples. In this situation, you will want something to help treat the pain and reduce swelling.

Apply an instant hot or cold pack depending on your needs as soon as you can after the accident.

If the pain does not subside, you may have a larger problem like a sprained knee that needs medical attention. But having an instant hot or cold pack available can at least help you treat the problem immediately and perhaps lower your recovery time.

Every home should have some more medical supplies besides just cough syrup and band aids. Hydrogen peroxide is a fast disinfectant that works on most cuts and scrapes, a selection of gauze pads can help you get larger wounds under control and instant hot or cold packs can help you treat pain and reduce swelling after an injury. Stop by your local pharmacy today and see what other supplies they might suggest for you and your family.

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