How Chronic Back Pain Can Be Managed After Undergoing Multiple Surgical Procedures

Has multiple back surgeries failed to get rid of your chronic pain? There are other things that can be done to manage the pain if you visit a pain management facility and consult with a specialist. In this article, find out how you can get treated for back pain without undergoing another surgical procedure.

How Can Chronic Back Pain Be Managed without Surgery?

One of the ways chronic back pain can be managed is through the prescription of drugs that targets the area responsible for the problem. Tense back muscles are one of the reasons chronic back pain occurs. Sometimes the muscles can tense up out of nowhere and lead to sporadic moments where you are not able to move because of the pain. Taking muscle relaxants is a great way to reduce the amount of muscle spasms you experience, which can help you perform your daily tasks easier.

Narcotics can also be prescribed to help with chronic back pain, especially since you have already gone through multiple back surgeries. Pain medications with narcotics in them can become addictive, so a specialist will have to closely monitor your usage and prescribed dosage amounts. Narcotic drugs are usually prescribed as a last resort when other types of medications are unsuccessful.

Can Chronic Back Pain Be Managed without Taking Drugs?

The central nervous system is one of the main areas of your body responsible for causing pain. A specialist can use electrotherapy to reduce some of the pain you are experiencing. He or she will basically send electricity into your body in low voltage amounts in an attempt to get a positive response from the central nervous system. The procedure is done by placing electrodes in the area of your back where pain relief is needed.

Physical therapy sessions are another way to manage chronic pain without drug use. There are several different things that can be done during a physical therapy session, including massages, exercising and spinal manipulation. Physical therapy is ideal because it can relieve tension in your back and make your body stronger. For instance, a physical therapist can use strategic methods to maneuver your back joints to give you pain relief during the same session.

You don't have to continue living with chronic back pain and allowing it to interfere with your daily routine. Contact a specialist at a pain management facility like the Alberta Back and Neck Rehab and Sports Injury Clinic to see what can be done to help you feel better!