Tips On Coping With Fibromyalgia At Work

Fibromyalgia pain can add a lot of complications to the workday. Those who suffer from fibromyalgia will have the most professional success if they strategically develop work habits that help them avoid fibromyalgia flare-ups. If you're looking for ways to manage fibromyalgia while still meeting your work responsibilities, consider the following tips:

Keep track of symptoms

You can systematically seek out ways to conquer your workday by taking careful notes on your symptoms and recording which tasks cause you pain. Sometimes, you have to put a little extra thought and vigilance into finding out exactly what's triggering fibromyalgia pain. 

Get into a routine

You can optimize your workday by getting into a regular routine that takes into account your energy level throughout the day and your fibromyalgia pain triggers. Scheduling short rest breaks throughout the day is generally important for fibromyalgia patients trying to maximize productivity during their busy workdays. 

Work towards flexibility in your job

It's usually much easier for fibromyalgia patients to meet job responsibilities when their jobs offer flexibility. By working towards a position with more flexibility, you can make living with fibromyalgia easier. In particular, you might want to try to work from home if possible so that you have more control and flexibility when it comes to your work environment.

Plan things out

Although fibromyalgia might pose some additional obstacles, you can get around these obstacles with thorough planning. Plan out your workday to minimize physical demands and to break large projects down into smaller tasks that are easier to undertake.


You can do a lot to reduce the physical demands of your job by reorganizing your work area. Consider more comfortable office furniture and devices like mats, earplugs, footwear, or heat or cold packs that will increase comfort at your workspace. 

Take advantage of the resources that are available to you

You might want to discuss your condition with human resources staff members to find out about any resources available to you. Your company might be making special efforts to accommodate people suffering with fibromyalgia, but you can't take advantage of these efforts if you're not aware of them.  

Discuss your condition with coworkers

It's a good idea to explain your condition to coworkers so that they understand what you're going through when issues arise. Some fibromyalgia patients initially try to hide their fibromyalgia, but it's best to be open about the condition at the workplace. 

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