3 Activities Seniors Can Do Even In Bad Weather

Once you've decided to put your elderly loved one into a retirement home, you may feel bad about it. However, you don't have to. In most cases, it is for their best interest. If you're worried about them, give them a few ideas that will help them pass the time, meet others, and enjoy themselves. Here are three excellent activities that your elderly loved ones can do while in a retirement home or even a nursing facility.

1. Begin Growing a Plant Indoors

Some seniors aren't able to get outdoors to garden, but they are passionate about the hobby. There are plants that are perfect for indoor growing. Amaryllis is a popular indoor plant that produces some of the most beautiful and vibrant flowers. You could also consider growing a spider or cacti plant, as both of these are very low maintenance, but provide a senior with a perfect way to relax. Regardless of the type of plant chosen, indoor plants can really help brighten up any room, such as at the retirement home or nursing facility.

2. Sign Up and Take a Class

In most territories across the country, there is a local community center. Many times, these community centers will offer workshops or classes that senior citizens may enjoy taking. There are a number of interesting classes that can be found, including baking, cooking, drawing, painting, and even knitting. These workshops and classes provide an environment of independence, growth, and socialization for the aging. In addition, learning something new can be very effective in keeping one's body and mind sharp.

3. Start Up a Recipe Club

When seniors live in a retirement home, they are among others that are like them. While they may not be incapable of taking care of themselves, they do need a little bit of help. In addition, some of those seniors that are around may have similar interests. Those who enjoy baking and cooking may want to consider starting a recipe club. Recipes can be swapped with one another or the actual dishes can be shared. However the club is run, it's a great way to meet new people and share your interests when it's cold and dreary out. It can be a great way to get together in the summer when it's too hot.

Sometimes, the retirement home where your loved one is staying, one like Schlegel Villages, will have a wide range of activities and programs that they offer. Be sure to check with them about this in addition to sharing the aforementioned ideas as well as your own with your loved one.