Consider A Standing Wheelchair For Its Many Benefits

Standing wheelchairs can benefit people who have mild to severe disability, including cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, paraplegia, quadriplegia, and more. It allows people to stand upright, recline, sit, and lie down fully prone who cannot do these things on their own. The machine supports their weight when they are standing, so they can use their hands. Most standing wheelchairs are remotely controlled, so they can get in and out of the device on their own. Standing wheelchairs also have many health benefits for people who are in a sitting position for extreme amounts of time.


Sitting in one position for long periods causes the blood to stagnate, which reduces circulation to other parts of the body. Being able to stand helps the blood to circulate around the body. This also reduces the risk of swollen feet and ankles, and reduces the risk of leg ulcers. Because the standing wheelchair allows people to move around easily, muscle tone improves, and the risk of pressure sores from sitting is greatly reduced.

Digestion and Breathing

When standing, the thoracic cage extends and the diaphragm and chest wall can contract and expand much better. This improves the lung capacity, and improves the supply of oxygen that goes to other organs and the brain.

Because breathing is easier, swallowing also becomes better.  When sitting, the abdomen is compressed, which makes it hard for the digestive system to work. With this chair, the person could easily stand up after eating to help the food digest much easier.

Well Being

Because of improved health, most people have a better well being and are more positive about life. Being able to stand up, and look someone straight in the eye makes them feel good about themselves. They are also able to do more things on their own, such as getting in and out of bed, going to the grocery store, being more involved in family activities, hugging someone while standing up, posing for pictures in a standing position, and much more. Being able to be more independent improves the confidence for people that would otherwise need help doing many things.

Standing wheelchairs are helping people stand up who have not been able to do so on their own for a very long time. If you sit in a wheelchair, you should talk with your doctor about a standing wheelchair from a company like Crossroads Mobility Solutions Ltd to see if this is something right for you.